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MallinCam Optional Accessories

MFR-5 Dual Cell Focal Reducer/Corrector

The OPTIMUM Focal Reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrain and Other "Slow" Telescopes

Below is a collage of Lunar images. The scope was a Celestron 6SE and 5mm and 10mm Extension Rings were placed between the cells of the MFR-5 and between the MFR-5 and the MallinCam to achieve different levels of focal reduction.

Below are two images taken by Rock Mallin using his 16" Meade LX200 Classic. The one on the left ws taken with an MFR-5 focal reducer. No extension rings were used to augment the amount of focal reduction. The one on the right was obtained using a Meade f/3.3 focal reducer set at the proper spacing to achieve f/3.3. As can be seen, the MFR-5 achieved a wider, better corrected field of view.


MFR-5 $249.95 USD

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